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Who is Shannon Clinic ACO?

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Who is a part of the ACO?

Shannon Clinic ACO is a partnership of providers dedicated to the coordination of care toward improving the health and well-being of the Medicare Fee-for-Service patients and communities they serve. Currently all the providers at Shannon Clinic are participating in the ACO. As additional providers agree to participate, we will let you know who and where they are, so you can participate in creating a healthier you and improved healthcare system.

Participating Providers

You can find all the participating ACO providers below. 


Stuart Abramson MD Allergy/ Immunology
Laura Adams MD OB/GYN
James Alaly MD Radiology
Idalia Alaniz MD Urgent Care
Fernando Alcocer-Aguilar MD Internal Medicine
Steven Alred MD Family Practice
Carl Anderton MD Internal Medicine
Christina Arp CNM OB/GYN
Edward Artnak MD Gastroenterology
Anna Augustin FNP Family Practice
Omar Ayala MD Hospitalist
Lance Ayers PT Physical Therapy
Lindy Bankes MD Psychiatry
Catherine Barnett FNP Family Practice
James Barnett MD Internal Medicine
Emily Bartz RD Registered Dietician
Stacy Beaty MD Orthopedic Surgery
Charles Benham MD Emergency Medicine
Meena Betha MD Hospitalist
Herbert Biedermann MD Anesthesiology
Alice Blount MD Urgent Care
Eddie Bonner ACNP Emergency Medicine
Paul Borgfeld MD Hospitalist
David Boswell MD Anesthesiology
Frank Bozyan MD Hospitalist
Elisa Brantly MD Urology
Kenneth Breedlove MD Radiology
Benton Brown MD General Surgery
Steven Burgess MD Family Practice
Jack Campbell MD Urgent Care
John Cargile MD General Surgery
Maegin Carlile FNP Family Practice
Norma Cerna MD Family Practice
Rajanarender Cheruku MD Hematology / Oncology
Cornelius Chinn MD Family Practice
Leisa Clayton FNP Access Clinic
Stephen Coates MD Gastroenterology
Steven Cole DO Hospitalist
James Cole MD Radiology
Cora Compton FNP Orthopedic Surgery
Kathe Conner FNP Nurse Practioner- ASU
Kimberly Coon CNS Cardiology
Jess Cornell MD General Surgery
Kathleen Cubine DO Family Practice
David Cummings MD Hematology / Oncology
Heather Dallas NP Family Practice
Kimrey Daniel MD Emergency Medicine
Gopimohan Das MD Hospitalist
Gustavo Del Toro MD Hospitalist
Ashley Delacerda MD Dermatology
Jason Dexter NP Emergency Medicine
Gloria Dienert FNP Neurology
Luis Duarte MD Neurosurgery
Gregory Dunham MD OB/GYN
Keith Duryea CNS Cardiology
Jason Felger MD Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
Chris-Gerald Ferguson MD Family Practice
Kenton Fish MD Opthalmology
Virgilio Flores MD Anesthesiology
Emmette Flynn MD General Surgery
Viki Forlano MD Family Practice
Paul Foxcroft MD Orthopedic
Samia Geevarghese MD Cardiology
Robert George MD Hospitalist
Jerry Gideon MD Pathology
Jonathan Gipson MD Anesthesiology
Matthew Goldman MD Opthalmology
Dawn Gonzalez DO Internal Medicine
Fernando Gonzalez DO Pediatrics
Anna Goritsas MD Hospitalist
John Granaghan MD Internal Medicine
Robert Grant MD General Surgery
Charles Greeson MD Dermatology
Edward Grimes OD Opthalmology
Rudy Haddad MD Cardiology
Christopher Haddad MD Cardiology
Lance Hafter DO Emergency Medicine
Deborah Hagelstein NP Urgent Care
Debra Hamilton DOA Audiology
Toyha Harper NP Primary Care
Ross Harper MD Radiology
John Harvey MD Internal Medicine
Brandan Hernandez MD Anesthesiology
Roseann Hester FNP Family Practice
Walter Hewell MD Internal Medicine
Christina Hill MD Maternal / Fetal Medicine
Melvin Hill CRNA Anesthesiology
Marvin Hill CRNA Anesthesiology
Kara Hilmes FNP Neurosurgery
Roberta Hinshaw MD Internal Medicine
Scott Hodge MD Emergency Medicine
Melissa Hogg FNP Cardiology
Melissa Hohensee PNP Pediatrics
Brian Holik PT Physical Therapy
Kathie Horrace Voigt MD Urgent Care
Levi Hubble MD Gastroenterology
David Huchton MD Otolaryngology (ENT)
Ty Hughston MD Internal Medicine
Andrew Hume MD Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
Patricia Huseman FNP Pulmonology
Leslie Hutchins MD Neurosurgery
Eric Igler MD Anesthesiology
Dion Ingram CRNA Anesthesiology
David Ivans MD Cardiology
Karen Jackson CNS, RNFA General Surgery
Sara Jackson-Vance MD Emergency Medicine
Pauline James CRNA Anesthesiology
Kenneth Jastrow MD General Surgery
Peggy Johnson DO Urgent Care
Charles Jones MD Internal Medicine
Daniel Kern FNP Neurosurgery
Andrew King DO Family Practice
Andrew Kingman MD Urology
Kelly Koenig DO Emergency Medicine
Wanda Lange CNS Hematology / Oncology
John Lasiter MD Otolaryngology (ENT)
Lori Looka PNP Pediatrics
Shung Lui MD Opthalmology
Charles Marsh MD Cardiology
Steven Mccloy MD Internal Medicine
Glen Mcferren MD Psychiatry
Calvin Mcgowan MD Anesthesiology
Bradley Mciver MD Urology
James Melott MD Family Practice
John Meyer MD OB/GYN
Valarie Mills CNS Cardiology
Joe Mims MD Pathology
Alexander Minney MD Family Practice
Patrick Moore MD Anesthesiology
Chali Mulenga MD Emergency Medicine
Sandra Myers PT Physical Therapy
James Neill MD Cardiology
John Neumann MD Anesthesiology
Tham Nguyen NP Orthopedics
David Nichols MD Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine
Abigail Nisan MD Hospitalist
Tofoul Nour MD Hospitalist
Yvonne Novak MD Gynecology
Gary Nussey MD Geriatric Medicine
Carolina Ojeda Flores MD Internal Medicine
Jacob Ornelas MD OB/GYN
Shauna Owens PT Physical Therapy
Brenda Owens MD Geriatric Medicine
Amin Parhizgar MD Nephrology
James Parker MD Anesthesiology
Sanjay Patel MD Urgent Care
Sheila Patterson NP Gastroenterology
Mia Pendergrass AU.D Audiology
Lorena Perez Povis MD Infectious Disease
Kenneth Perret MD Pulmonology
Nyssah Perrine NP Psychiatry
Randhi Peterson MD Hospitalist
Gary Phillips MD Urgent Care
Stephan Pizzola MD Anesthesiology
Jason Pizzola MD Access Clinic
Gayle Porter CNS Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery
Melissa Powell MD Hospitalist
Jackie Preston MD Hospitalist
Jennifer Punnoose MD Hospitalist
Kristin Ramirez CNS Neurosurgery
Toby Redden NP Nurse Practioner- ASU
Chadi Richeh MD Endocrinology
Wael Richeh MD Neurology
Steven Ritter MD Dermatology
Tammie Robinson PA Nephrology
Scott Ross MD Urgent Care
Harvey Russwurm MD Hospitalist
Walter Rustmann DO Sleep Medicine
Kellie Ryan WHCNP OB/GYN
Michael Salem MD Emergency Medicine
Michelle Sarraff MD Pediatrics
Stephen Sawyer MD Pediatrics
Delilah Schnitzer NP Internal Medicine
Susan Schultz CNS Family Practice
Robert Schultz MD Pediatrics
Victor Schulze MD Radiology
Anda Scorza DO Hospitalist
Mary Seger MD Urgent Care
Saundra Seifert MD Pediatrics
Stephen Seifert MD Emergency Medicine
Fermin Serna FNP Neurosurgery
Moulali Shaik MD Hospitalist
Eddie Shell MD Radiology
Christina Sherrod MD Pediatrics
Michael Sickels MD Radiology
Marcus Sims DO Family Practice
James Slauson MD Emergency Medicine
Randall Slimak MD Hospitalist
Nancy Smith NP Nephrology
Opal Smith CMW OB/GYN
Jerrie Smithwick FNP Geriatric Medicine
Ashley Snook NP Urgent Care
Michelle Snuggs MD Radiology
Victoria Spencer MD Urgent Care
Stephen Stanley MD Pathology
Eugene Stokes MD Gastroenterology
Kenneth Taylor MD Radiology
Jason Taylor MD Rheumatology
Rebecca Taylor RN, CNS Cardiology
Michelle Taylor-Chinn FNP Family Practice
William Thom MD Pain Management
Roxanne Timm WHCNP OB/GYN
Kristi Urias MD Anesthesiology
David Vance MD Anesthesiology
Christopher Vanderzant DO Neurology
Karen Vaughn MD Urgent Care
Aleksandra Vidacic MD Hospitalist
Caleb Vosburg MD Orthopedics
James Vretis DO Emergency Medicine
Michael Wagnon MD Pediatrics
Karl Wehner MD Pediatrics
Scott Westmoreland DPM Podiatry
James White MD Family Practice
Jennifer White PT Physical Therapy
William Whitehead MD General Surgery
Jenny Wiggins-Smith DO OB/GYN
Angela Wilke FNP Family Practice
Dennis Williams MD Anesthesiology
Leslie Williamson MD Otolaryngology (ENT)
Kelly Wilson MD OB/GYN
Michael Wood MD Hospitalist
Elizabeth Young MD Pediatrics
Hernan Zarate MD Pulmonology
Joseph Zubak MD Orthopedic Surgery

For general questions or additional information about Accountable Care Organizations, please visit www.medicare.gov/acos.html or call 1-800 MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). TTY users should call 1-877-486-2048.

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